Concrete Roof Tile Machines

Product Details

SMY8-128 Concrete roof tile machines Features:

1.High-speed of forming, high output and reliable performance. Using PLC (Mitsubishi technology) automatic control, hydraulic pneumatic, the production speed can up to 6-9 pieces/min, in a high yield and a better cost performance.

2.Products by pressure filtration pressure forming, beautiful structure, variety,high density and strength, size precise,  can meet the demands of various types of buildings ,are quality products of concrete products

3.A multi-purpose machine, through the replacement of mold, the machine can produce various types main tile and matching tiles.

Technological process:  

Sand,cement,water→Mixer →Dosing machine →Spray  release agent→Tile forming machine → Tile shelf→Demould→Tile Yard →Maintenance                                

Technical parameter:

Model NO.


Rated pressure

128 Tons

Cycle Time

6-9 pcs/min

Forming methord

Press and Sieve



Product size


Machine Dimension



4 pcs/shift

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